Take a Quick Tour and Learn all About the Furture.

Welcome to the tour section of LiveMApro. This section is a quick introduction of all the modules of the desktop-like application starting from setup to full working version. Fasten your belts and take a trip to the core of LiveMApro in just few minutes and call yourself a pro in handling the application.

What you can do with LiveMApro

Recurring Billing

With LiveMApro student billing is a breeze! Simple as 1-2-3! First, set-up your billing plans. Second, Assign a billing plan to a student, and the rest is automatic! You can have primary and secondary billing information in LiveMApro. Quickly and easily view billing status. Do billing projections and much more! LiveMApro recurring billing will save you time and money!

Point of Sale

Sell all of your Martial Arts products with Live! Store. Use the simple Drag-n-Drop technology to sell uniforms, patches, weapons, concessions and more! Don't have an item on the Drag-n-Drop list; no-problem! LiveMApro allows the creation of customs items in the Live! Store at the time of sale. Simply enter the item name, give the item a price, and accept the payment! It's that easy! Start using Live! Store today!

Keep Track of Students

Keeping track of students has never been easier! LiveMApro uses Smart Check-In to simplify the check-in process. Simply scan the student ID or manually enter the student ID number and the student is automatically signed into the current class. Live! Attendance Statistic-at-a-Glance lets you know the number of student's checked-in, attending and absent for the current class. Anytime! Anywhere!

Schedule - Special Events, Competitions and More!

Live! Calendar is the only calendar you will need! Use Live! Calendar for your school and personal activities. You can schedule: special events, competitions, testing, tasks, appointments, and email broadcast to students and instructors. Live! Calendar can remind you of events by popup message, email, or text message!

Manage Multiple Schools

One Martial Arts school, or 50 schools LiveMApro performs equally well. Enter students, view attendance, run billing reports quickly and easily! Send email or text messages to instructors and students at one school or all of your schools. Anytime! Anywhere!

Track Leads and Prospects

Easily track leads and prospects with LiveMApro! Track where lead and prospects originate and instantly know the productivity of your advertising. Converting leads to students has never been easier with LiveMApro!

View and Evaluate

LiveMApro has reports, reports and more reports! LiveMApro has attendance reports, lead & prospect reports, billing reports, billing projection reports, testing reports, and many, many more! All reports can be exported to CVS and PDF format for further evaluation.


Sometimes unforeseen events occur in life and people get behind on payments. With LiveMApro collections is simple task. Simply add a student to collections by clicking the collections button and begin tracking collections activity immediately. Remember, LiveMApro is online! You access you school information, Anytime! Anywhere!

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