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Workflow Management

LiveMApro offers workflow management solution that helps you work away from the school in real-time. This effective school-tracking solution, with very little effort, lets you manage your attendance, billing, finances and more on multiple locations.

Transactions and Projections Reports

Finance reports helps you keep a track of all your transactions effortlessly and saves you both time and money. You will be able to create custom reports of your projections by membership styles, members, dates and more.

State-of-the-Art POS System

LiveMApro offers a unique and reliable POS system that will let you charge a sale with member's credit/debit card on file. You can track all your transactions by members, departments, and category. Secure one click transaction with the unique payment style by cash, credit card, check or even a credit/debit on file. Fully integrated with recurring biiling for down payments and monthly dues.

POS and Recurring Billing Receipts via Email and SMS

LiveMApro allows you to send POS and recurring billing receipts via email or text messages to your members at no extra cost to you. You can also attach supported documents for hassle free communication. Save a tree, save time, save money. It's all about speed.

Alerts and Reminders via Email and Text Message

LiveMApro calendar includes an alerts and reminders feature that allows you to set specific custom reminders with attendees selection. We make sure you or your members don't miss out on any important tasks, appointments or events.

Web Billing Scheduling

With an unique scheduling feature, you will never miss out on billing issues. It's all on time. Simply set the date of billing and it will be sent automatically to multiple cards on file, without you being logged into the system.

Data Back-up

LiveMApro keeps a back-up copy of significant data on our own secure servers. Security as a Service: LiveMApro will take care of your important information so you can focus on the core martial arts business.

Multiple Account Support

LiveMApro lets you handle payments in diverse modes of various credit/debit cards with its unique multiple card feature. With our multi card support you get real-time billing payments along with real-time reports from primary or secondary billing credit/debit cards on file.

Report Generation

LiveMApro keeps a track of all your daily operations, such as attendance, billing, POS transactions, appointments, testings and more. It also allows you to generate custom reports, so you are always in control of your business. LiveMApro offers printable versions of all of your custom reports in PDF and Excel format.

Secure Recurring Billing with a Plan "B"

You can even set recurring billing charges with multiple cards on file. This saves you from doing repeated manual entries after a declined transaction. LiveMApro recurring billing capabilities allow payments to be made instantly. If card "one" gets declined, a secondary card "two" will automaticaly be charged, and an email/SMS communication will be sent to your client informing him/her of such transaction.

Scan you Documents, Export your Images

The carbon copy of your documents is just so boring! You don't have to keep a hard copy of your documents for your assistance, just scan and upload it to LiveMApro. At any given time you can retrieve and export documents pertaining to members, memberships, clients, payments, etc., with the click of a button.

Multiple Martial Arts Schools Support

You can manage unlimited schools with one single system. No more multiple logins, different passwords, syncing and installations. It's all live, in real-time at your finger tips via LiveMApro desktop-like web app.

School Management

Not able to manage the entire clientele? You can delegate tasks to the users/employees and let them manage a few events or transactions. You can even set permissions for the features you want your staff to access. This way you can also let your accountant or book keeper gain access to your billing transactions and generate reports with date ranges.

Create Professional Letters and Emails

You can send personalized letters and emails to your clients. These documents can easily be converted into a bradcast email blast to your school members. With the document template customization option you can choose from a wide range of styles that reflects your martial arts business.

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