Your Questions Answered

1What is LiveMApro?

 LiveMApro is a Live! Martial Arts School Workflow Management Solution.

2How much does it cost?

 Keeping the reccuring billing convenience it offers in mind, LiveMApro is very reasonable. For pricing details, please visit our pricing section.

3Who can use it?

 LiveMApro is powerful and easy to use. Be it small scaled schools to large multi-location schools. Owners, managers, and receiptionist can all use LiveMApro.

4What is the required area of expertise for using LiveMApro?

 No exprience required! LiveMApro is designed to be used by anyone! anywhere! Owners, managers, and receiptionist can all benifit from LiveMApro.

5What are the benefits of LiveMApro?

  There are many of them! The highlighted ones among them are:

  • Live! Recurring Billing.
  • Live! Multiple School Support.
  • Live! Attendance.
  • Live! Testing.
  • Live! Calendar.

6How to get started?

 It's simple! Complete our Contact Us form and a representitive will contact you.

7Is my data safe?

 100% safe. Your data lies completely safe and guarded with us. When you are using LiveMApro, you can manage you schools workflow with complete peace of mind. Read more about our Data Backup Policy.

8What's the guarantee for that?

  We use SSL encryption at payment gateways to ensure safe transactions. For more, read our Privacy Policy.

9Why only LiveMApro and not any other Online Billing Software?

  LiveMApro is an integrated Martial Arts Online Billing and Workflow Management Solution that offers many excellent features. The inclusion of features like Live! Testing, and Live! Communication are just two reasons to choose LiveMApro.

We hope we were able to answer all your queries. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.

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