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Simple and Easy to Use

LiveMApro is our invention, based on your views. It is so simple, clutter free and easy-to-use. Your staff will appreciate the real-time infrastructure school management application!

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Highly User Friendly Interface

The application has a rich user friendly interface with a lot of scope for editing and customization. The visualization management, service desk, calendar with full interactive content and help documents are also easy to locate and ensure that even a novice can use the application with minimal instruction.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

LiveMApro offers the ease of access to its users. It must be noted that LiveMApro is an online application and not a software that needs to be installed on individual desktops. This means that all one needs to route to his/her respective account is a computer and an internet connection. You can reap the benefits of LiveMApro anywhere, anytime!

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Unlimited Resources Center

LiveMApro is not only about convenience, it is about style too. You can preview all the instructional and promotional vidoes as well promote your own advertisement to participant martial arts schools around the world. Got an event? The Resources Center can broadcast it for you.

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Fully Integrated with Your Own Emails

LiveMApro has a fully integrated and secure email server application that is extremely easy to use. It is all under one roof. All your business and personal emails can be sent or received within your LiveMApro acount.

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Fully Interactive Pro Shop Store

Manage your LiveMApro storefront with easy steps. Add, edit, or remove any item, anytime. Fast custom item editing, live SMS, and email receipts and quick printouts. Charge items to any client, any credit card on file for fast and accurate transaction. Retrieve old receipts, apply refunds and produce custom sales summary reports.

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To refer LiveMApro in your circle, all you need to do is sign-up for an LiveMApro account. It is as effortless as performing your routine work.

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