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LiveMApro: One Application, Many Roles

LiveMApro is the leading martial arts desktop experience application that has taken over the traditional paper-and-pen administration system and has "internetized" it! It is a smart, easy, and fortified e-way (we say it I-way!) solution for monitoring attendance and creating recurring billing for all students. LiveMApro allows multiple and unique logins from your staff across the globe. So, if you have multi-school clientele spreading from coast to coast, don't stress about wearing different hats, just let LiveMApro do all the work with professional broadcast emails and free text messages.

Invoice Application

Save Time and Money, Stress-Free

LiveMApro is an automated, effective and easy-to-use desktop experience that helps you maintain a profitable and accurate business. With more than one payment style and with capability of multiple cards on file, it saves you time, extra efforts and gets you paid faster. So, LiveMApro aims at minimizing your billing woes and offers a stress-free way of receiving acurate tuition from clients.

Safe, Secure and Highly Credible

LiveMApro promises safety and security even before promising easy billing. Perfect for small and medium scaled martial arts businesses, LiveMApro takes online school administration to the next level of comfortability. It ensures business transparency with crystal clear accounting transactions, and rules out any chances of hacking, identity theft and mathematical errors. LiveMApro is certified with PCI Compliance Level 1 as service provider.

Excellent Features

We have integrated every possible feature that is required to make your martial arts business a success. All the features complement each other so that you can manage your students, finances and clients in the perfect way!

Expect Much More!

This is just a beginning in the era of online martial arts school administration. You can expect a lot more in the upcoming versions and assure yourself a desktop-like application that will exceed its performance to meet your expectations.

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