Live! Recurring Billing

LiveMApro saves you time and money. Maximizing your profits has never been easier. This is a must have for serious martial arts school owners and managers.

Live! Workflow Management

LiveMApro workflow management helps you manage your school or schools accurately and efficiently. Stop wasting time and money!

Live! Communication

LiveMApro lets you stay connected to your school or schools, Anywhere! Anytime! LiveMApro communicates with your cell phone, smart phone, ipad, laptop, desktop. Anywhere! Anytime!

Live! Multiple School Support

You can manage unlimited schools with LiveMApro. No more multiple logins, different passwords, syncing and installing updates. It's all live! at your finger tips!

Live! Data Safety and Security

We are a PCI/DDS compliant "Level 1" company and service provider. Stringent data backup and multi-level security practices are in place to ensure that data loss never occurs. LiveMApro system is 99.99% available. Guaranteed!

Live! Desktop Experience

Unique environment with a Live! desktop-like experience that helps you keep a track of all attendance, emails, billing, calendar and reports effortlessly. LiveMApro saves you both time and money. Work from anywhere, anytime from any browser. Mac or PC.

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